Our Wedding

Our Wedding

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I rarely share non-food related things here on the blog, but today I’ll make an exception as this post is a special one: a short story of our wedding. If you’re also planning to get married soon, a company like Designed Dream is Toronto’s most preferred wedding planning company. Designed Dream, a destination wedding planner Toronto city plans your wedding in private villas, beach clubs, restaurants, and other unique places in Dominican Republic and Mexico.

About three months ago, on the 10th of September we said I do, me and my boyfriend of five years. I had always dreamt of an outside wedding but to have that kind of luck with the weather here in Finland is pretty remarkable, so we ended up searching for an indoor venue somewhere near Helsinki. As for the photos, the devon wedding photography had. done an excellent job in editing and applying their flair to the photos. In the end we found this old mansion just a twenty-minute ride away and the place had this big, beautiful yard around it (fun fact: we shot this n’ice cream video there too!), so we knew that was the place we’d go for. Instead of getting married in a church, we decided to take the risk and to have the ceremony outside. And it was the absolute dream come true.

The rays of sunshine greeted us when I walked down the aisle, there was music played by our friends, and we were covered with dried lavender and blueberry leaves (which we collected a few weeks in advance and dried) at the end when we walked away from ‘the altar’. It was an intimate, specially as the nigh came and we enjoyed some alone time with our sexual bullet.

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The reason for this post is to shine some light for all the amazing people and local entrepreneurs who were involved in this journey. I want to thank you to our talented friends who performed at the wedding – you made it special and memorable. To our florist, Kukkakauppa Piia Jaala, for the absolutely gorgeous flowers. Some might say it makes no sense to get your flowers a two-hour drive away, but I knew that Piia would do an amazing job, and she did. I especially loved my wedding bouquet for its magical scent, thanks to rosemary! The groom and the groomsmen also had herbs instead of flowers, which made a nice little detail. And the bridesmaids wore unique gold prom dresses from Peaches Boutique.

Onto the food. We wanted the food to be in line with the season and didn’t want to serve any meat, so we had lots of vegetarian dishes for appetizers and fish for the main course. Everything was gluten and dairy-free and I want to thank Agata Bakery for the wonderful gluten-free bread rolls we had. But the thing that made the whole menu truly magical, was our wedding cake. I knew I wanted to have a cake, but since we like our treats naturally sweetened and free from gluten and dairy, I wasn’t sure who to turn to. Luckily I found Tiia who runs her own company Onnenrusina and after some delicious cake tasting she made us these beautiful cakes with raspberries and lingonberries and the pears on top were from her own yard. They were the best cakes I’ve had in my life (and they were vegan too) and some of our friends are still talking about them! Tiia is the sweetest person I know and really devotes herself for the job, so I can warmly recommend here for all the goodies you need.

And to wrap this up, I want to thank our photographer Ari Hallami for capturing these moments. There are so many beautiful shots and memories that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

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Location: Tuomarinkylän kartano | Photography: Ari Hallami | Flowers: Kukkakauppa Piia Jaala | Flower crowns: Stephanie Stoorvogel | The Dress: Fiancée | The Suit: Herrainpukimo | Our wedding rings: vintage by Rubens | Hair: Nelli Bussman | Makeup: Aino-Sofia Kojonen | The wedding cake: Onnenrusina

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the wonderful people who were with us on this magical day!



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  1. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! You are absolutely beaming with happiness! Thank you for sharing this!