N’Ice Cream – Breaking the News!

N’Ice Cream – Breaking the News!

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You know the feeling when you’ve waited for so long to tell something and when the times comes, you’re faced with a total loss of words?

Well, that’s been going around here lately. First last week with my site update and then this week with one the biggest news of my life. But here it comes:

We’re making a cookbook! Or actually, it’s kind of finished already and comes out in two months! So exciting! And by we, I mean myself and my gorgeous friend Virpi Mikkonen behind the blog Vanelja.

Phew. What a journey it has been.

And the most exciting thing about all this? The book will come out in Finland in April AND in North America in May. That’s right! In the States and in Canada! And by no other than Avery, an imprint of Penguin. Like one of the biggest publishers out there. And once it’s out, this book will be the first Finnish cookbook published in the US. No wonder I’ve been feeling quite dizzy for the last few days, or more like for the last few months.

So how did this all happen? Let me tell you about it shortly.

N'Ice Cream – 80+ Recipes for Healthy Homemade Vegan Ice Creams

Some of you might remember the Kind Ice Cream for You e-book we published with Virpi last summer. A year ago we decided to work together on an e-book about ice creams and thought about making 20 to 30 recipes. Well, we got kind of excited about the topic and the e-book ended up having over 60 recipes. And to our great delight, a lot of people found it, loved it and made the recipes.

And then on one sunny day in August, I almost choked to my ice cream, as I read this one special email. A literary agent from New York had found our e-book, loved it and wanted to represent the book and us. What a dream come true, seriously. This stuff just doesn’t happen. And around that same time we also got a publishing deal in Finland. It’s still hard to believe all this happened, but sometimes when you put your passions together, put yourself out there and work hard, dreams do come true. Whoa. From there, things evolved, we signed some papers and then got to work. To some serious make-a-lot-of-ice-cream work.

We wanted to create more recipes to this new version and there definitely were enough ideas for new flavors flowing around. We ended up adding about 20 new recipes (so there’s now 80+ recipes!) and I found a lot of new favorites. We created more ‘instant ice creams’, that are made using only a blender and can be savored straight away. Fast food ice cream, that is. My total favorite thing. And the next big thing in this food blogging scene, trust me. All of the other recipes are quite simple too and everything can be made without an ice cream maker! But I’ll get back to these details later on.


Both of our books are now heading to print and I can’t wait to see and touch them. To see all that hard work we did in a physical form. But before getting some copies to ourselves, I just had to show you the covers. The one on the left is the Finnish one, and the one the right is the one in English and it’s called N’Ice Cream. All the recipes are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar – and they’re totally vegan too. So they’re good for you inside and out!

N'Ice Cream Book

In order to survive to May, we’ve got some goodies for you of course. In a few weeks, that being the beginning of April, we’re organizing a preorder campaign for the book and right now we’re working on a special bonus recipe bundle for the campaign. It’s the perfect companion to N’ice Cream, you’ll love it. So sign up for my newsletter at the end of this post and stay tuned for another surprise in a few weeks!

And one more, very special thing: Thank you so much for everyone who purchased our e-book. Without you we wouldn’t be here. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuulia Talvio & Virpi Mikkonen

The book is already online, so go and see it, maybe preorder it already (!) and visit the website for the book: www.nicecreambook.com! xx

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  1. Oh this is amazing news!! So happy for you! Big big congrats! :)) xx

    • Thank you so much Sophie! I really appreciate all the support you’re giving, it means a lot! <3