Autumn flavors: Gluten-free Mushroom Pie

Autumn flavors: Gluten-free Mushroom Pie

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I feel like I need to be honest with you guys for a moment: I’m terrible at whatever when it comes to mushrooms, especially at foraging them. Or at least my skills at identifying mushrooms have not evolved in the last 20 years. I love, love, love making a trip to the forest and picking mushrooms, but I rarely actually pick them, but instead focus on fresh air, finding the most beautiful poisonous mushrooms, and eating snacks. Because a trip to the forest means snacks, always. So being the beginner as I am in the world of mushrooms, I’ve gotten around to using chanterelles and champignons. And now that the mushroom season is upon us, I’ve got just the perfect thing for all of you out there who’re like me and like to have a foolproof mushroom recipe in their back pocket. Enter: Gluten-free Champignon Pie with Spinach and Feta Cheese.

Gluten-free Mushroom Pie | tuulia blog

I made this recipe on a beautiful and sunny day in early September, when we took a boat ride to Suomenlinna (a historical island in front of Helsinki) to film a cooking video (which you’ll see below!). I decided to make a mushroom pie, as a savory pie + chilly autumn evenings = the perfect combo. Add a few candles and a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and the world just might be yours.

I kept the pie really simple and just added some spinach and feta cheese to go with the champignon, and based on the time it took for this pie to disappear, I’d say it turned out really nice. And it’s such an easy thing to make too, which you’ll see in the video below! I hope you enjoy the video and the recipe, and that they’ll inspire you to enjoy these gorgeous days to the fullest. Wishing you guys all the best! xo

Gluten-free Mushroom Pie | tuulia blog

Gluteeniton herkkusienipiirakka | tuulia blog

Gluten-free Mushroom Pie

makes a 25 cm / 10-inch pie

3/4 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup rice flour
2 tbsp potato starch
a pinch of salt
5 tbsp olive oil
2/3 cup water, or more if needed

200 g champignons (or other mushrooms)
70 g baby spinach
100 g feta cheese

Egg milk:
2 organic eggs
1 2/3 cup oat milk (or other plant-based milk)
2 tbsp fresh thyme
salt & black pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 200 C / 400 F degrees. Measure the flour and salt to a large bowl and mix well. Add the olive oil and water in a few batches while stirring. The dough should be slightly sticky, but easy to handle by hand. Press the batter to the bottom and to the edges of the pie tin and bake for 10 minutes. Prepare the fillings in the meantime.

2. Clean the mushrooms (if needed) and cut into small pieces. Heat a frying pan and cook the mushrooms in olive oil for a few minutes until they are slightly browned. Add the spinach and mix it with the mushrooms. Season lightly with salt and black pepper. Add the mushroom filling to the pie and crumble the feta cheese on top.

3. In another bowl, break the eggs and mix with the oat milk. Season with fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture evenly to the pie. Bake for about 30 minutes until the pie is slightly golden. Allow to cool for a moment before serving and then enjoy the pie as it is or with a nice salad!




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  1. This pie looks so good! I’m a complete disaster when it comes to pick the right mushrooms…I always stick to champignons, haha. Either way my dad is a great mushroom forager so usually I don’t even need to go to the grocery store. :-p
    I love a good and easy savory pie for those early autumn days when you start to crave for warm foods but it’s still nice outside and want to prepare a picnic or eat at the backyard. :-)

    PS: super cute video! xo

    • Chapignong are great for us beginners haha! But you’re lucky to have a talented forager near you! :) Thanks for your sweet words, as always Gemma! <3

  2. Oh! Love love love! I was just thinking I should start my annual ‘shroom-search in the grocery stores! This would be the perfect breakfast for a chilly Autumn day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! <3