BIG NEWS: I’m launching a Meal Plan Service + a giveaway!

BIG NEWS: I’m launching a Meal Plan Service + a giveaway!

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I’ve been waiting for this day for so long now, and finally it’s here. Today’s the day that I’ll get to call myself a foodie entrepreneur in addition to being a food blogger-cookbook author-photographer, and I couldn’t be more excited. Together with my friend (and namesake!) Tuulia Järvinen, we’re a launching a meal plan service called Vegmeals, that hopefully will make your life a bit more easier, greener, and a lot more delicious. And I finally get to talk about it!

Before I’ll jump into more details, I’ll give you a bit of a background. My friend Tuulia behind Wellberries has been running her own meal plan service called Wellmeals very successfully for a few years now. She’s been receiving a lot of requests from clients about a plant-based meal plan, but hasn’t had the time to properly do it. So one day last winter as we were having lunch, talking about best menu ideas, our projects and future desires, an idea hit us: we should do the plant-based meal plan together, as it was a service we were both looking for ourselves too. We both love to cook, but grocery shopping every day and thinking about what to cook while having a hanger attack (or a tired kid) in the store was getting a bit old. It would be great to eat nourishing plant-based food, know what to cook a few days in a row, and not to grocery shop every day. So being the food lovers we are, we decided to bring that idea into life, and now our service is live and kicking!

Onto the details: Vegmeals offers a meal plan for a month, meaning you’ll have four recipes together with a shopping list for each week (four weeks and 16 recipes in total). And the coolest thing in this? During this October you’ll be able to order those weekly groceries straight to your home through Alepa Kauppakassi! So you’ll get all the ingredients and the recipes for four different dinners delivered to your door, which is pretty cool in my opinion. And to give you a bit of an idea what kind of recipes the meal plan includes, here’s a few examples:

Lentil Stuffed Sweet Potatoes | VEGMEALSLentil Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Tofu Burgers w/ Greens | VEGMEALS

Vegan Tofu Burgers w/ Greens

Energizing Lentil Dahl with Quinoa | VEGMEALS

Energizing Lentil Dahl with Quinoa

Vegan + GF Spinach Pancakes w/ Pea Hummus & Lingonberries | VEGMEALS

Vegan + GF Spinach Pancakes w/ Pea Hummus & Lingonberries

All the recipes are gluten-free and totally vegan, as we wanted to create recipes that would cater to as many as possible, whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or a meat-lover who’d just like to have more vegetables in your daily life. The recipes are easy, they make for 3 to 4 person, and you’ll have your dinner ready in about 30 minutes, so that there’s plenty of time to do much more than cook on your weeknights. The thing that has surprised me the most while doing this, is how much money I’ve been saving simply by planning our meals and buying more groceries at once. And saved money = more hangouts at nice cafés or treating myself to a nice lunch out. It’s a real win-win :)

We’ve been having friends and relatives to test out the meal plan and the recipes, and we’ve gotten such a great feedback. It’s always super exciting to launch these kinds of new projects, but this time I really feel like we’ve come up with something that makes life easier and tastier. You’ll find more information and photos on our website and you’ll be able to order the groceries straight to your home from Alepa Kauppakassi. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more news too! At the moment, the meal plan is available only in Finnish but an English version is in the works and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!

And to wrap this up, let’s do a giveaway! I’ll be giving out a PDF meal plan to one lucky winner and to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below and you’re in. The giveaway ends on Sunday 8th of October at 12 pm. Note that the meal plan is in Finnish. Good luck! :)

If you end up trying out the meal plan or the weekly grocery bags, I’d love to know what you think! And feel free to share the good news to your friends too!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and supporting my work, and I hope you’ll have plenty of delicious weeknight dinners! ♡

The Vegmeals Meal Plan offers 16 vegan + gluten-free recipes together with 4 shopping lists. So you’ll have four delicious dinners for four weeks! The PDF is 12,90€ and you’ll be able to download it straight after paying.


Vegmeals-ateriasuunnitelma viikot 3-4 Vegmeals-ateriasuunnitelma viikot 3-4

Vegmeals Weekly Grocery Bags all include four vegan + gluten-free recipes with the needed ingredients. You’ll be able to order the groceries straight to your door through Alepa Kauppakassi and you can easily add all your other weekly groceries in the same order. The grocery bags start from 55€ + the delivery starts from 5,90€.

The grocery bags are available in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but hopefully later in other parts in Finland too!




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  1. Wooo, ihanaa! Mukana arvonnassa :-)

  2. Oii hauskaa! Kiinostuin niin että kyllähän arvontaan mukaan tullaan!

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  10. Wou – first of all congrats girls for the great service! sounds delicious and nutritious!!! So fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  11. Aivan mahtava idea :) Onko yksi reseptiviikko kuinka monelle hengelle, riittääkö kahdelle?

    • Reseptit ovat aina 3-4 hengelle, joten ylijäämän voi vaikka säästää seuraavalle päivälle tai laittaa pakkaseen! :)

  12. looks lovely!!

  13. Ehdottomasti mukana!

  14. Beautiful idea and what a pitty I don’t speak Finnish! Looking forward to the English Version though. Maybe i will be lucky one then :-)

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  17. Finally a vegan meal plan kit in Finland – I’m so excited!!! Think I’m gonna order the kauppakassi too as I’m terrible at doing just one weekly shopping trip

  18. Looks amazing! I’m so impressed by your ability to create simple, delicious, plant-based, healthy and gluten free meals! So sad that it’s in Finnish…I suppose it’ll just be my inspiration to learn so I can enjoy more of your delicious recipes!

  19. Uuuh todellakin mukana kui siistii!

  20. Whoopa! I’m in :)

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