No-Rice Nori Rolls w/ Marinated Tofu & Veggies

No-Rice Nori Rolls w/ Marinated Tofu & Veggies

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but usually around this time of the year I found myself at a creative slump when it comes to making dinner. I feel like we make the same things all the time (hello mashed potatoes with spinach, my ultimate winter comfort food) and everything tastes just a little…blunt. So how do you get out of the no-inspiration-I-am-hungry-though-amd-need-food rut? I have found two solutions to this problem:

1) Take a vacation and go somewhere with lots of sunshine and do not cook for a week. (Spoiler: we’re on holiday right now and I’m writing this under an umbrella in the sun and loving the fact that someone else makes my breakfast. lunch and dinner. #grateful). Cooking at home becomes so much more inspiring when you spend some time away.

2) If / when option 1 is not realistic, grab a bunch if vegetables from the store and make something ethnic. The flavors of thai, moroccan, or for example nepalese food taste great in the depths of winter. Or if you’re in the need for something fresh and easy, try these no-rice nori rolls! They’re the perfect little thing to satisfy your sushi cravings without all the fuss of cooking the perfect rice. And also, eating your daily dose of veggies is a lot more delicious this way.

No-Rice Nori Rolls w/ Marinated Tofu & Veggies | tuulia blog

I’ve been cooking a good deal of recipes for Puhtaasti kotimainen during this winter, and in addition to these veggie sushis, I made this super yummy muhammara paste from roasted bell peppers, a super fresh dairy-free tzatziki with cucumber, mint, and feta cheese, a vegan tomato soup, and a really nice salad with pear, lentils, avocado, and goat cheese. A few easy recipes to give you guys some inspiration :)

But a word about these sushi rolls (or pockets?). If we’re being specific, these have very little to do with traditional sushi, as there’s no rice involved. Being the lover of convenience as I am, cooking up the perfect sticky rice seemed like too much work, so I just wrapped a bunch of colorful veggies and some oven roasted tofu into nori wraps, dipped them in tamari, and ate them with a satisfied grin on my face. So easy, yet kind of sophisticated, and totally not anything like my mashed potatoes. Yesss.

Sending you sunshine and good vibes! xo

Herkulliset vegesushit

No-Rice Nori Rolls w/ Marinated Tofu & Veggies

notes: you can always add your favorite veggies in here, or some rice if you like. a creamy dip with tahini would probably be divine too. 

makes 4-6 rolls

4 to 6 nori wraps (depending on how much fillings you put in)
a bunch of romaine
2 carrots
1 cucumber
1 avocado
marinated tofu (recipe below)
a big handful of microgreens
tamari (or gluten-free soy sauce), for serving

Marinated tofu

1 block of firm tofu
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp tamari (or gluten-free soy sauce)
1 tbsp maple syrup


1. Start by making the tofu. Preheat the oven to 200 C / 400 F degrees. Wrap the tofu in some paper towel and place it on a plate. Put another plate on top of the tofu and place something a bit heavy on top for about 15 minutes to remove excess liquid from the tofu.

2. In a medium bowl, mix all the marinade ingredients together. Cut the tofu into a long strips gently turn the strips the pieces in the marinade. Place the tofu on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and bake for about 10 minutes, or until the tofu is slightly browned.

3. In the meantime, prep the vegetables. Peel the carrots. Slice the carrots, cucumber and avocado into thin long slices.

4. Once the tofu is ready, assemble the rolls. Lay out the nori sheets and turn it on a diagonal. Place the romaine salad, sliced carrots, cucumbers, avocado, and tofu in the center. Add some microgreens on top.

5. First fold up the bottom and then fold the sides across. You might need to wet the sides of the wraps so that they will stick together. Hold on for a minute so that the roll stays in shape. Serve with some tamari, and enjoy!







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  1. Yum! Yum! Yum! This looks so tasty! Definitely want to try this! Can you please explain what you mean by ‘kitchen paper?’ This is not something I’m familiar with, perhaps it has a different name here in the United States! Thank you!

    • Hey Lilly! Oops, sorry! I meant paper towel :) We call it ‘kitchen paper’ here but that’s not the right word for it :D I hope you enjoy the recipe! <3

  2. Great recipe Tuulia! I so needed something new and healthy to up my dinner game….I feel you about the creative rut!
    Saw on Instagram you are enjoying some holidays in the Canary Islands, lucky you! Enjoy as much as you can! :-)

    Now I’m going to write a shopping list cause I need some nori wraps to make your recipe.


    • Thanks so much Gemma! I really hope you like these if you end up making them, they’re so easy and versatile :) Have a lovely week! xx

  3. Love this! I’ve been making lots of spring rolls lately, but this is a wonderful low-carb option. I had to comment on your beautiful romaine, because here in the US ours is very light colored and unflavorful, but yours looks like a beautiful dark green color! Jealous! :) Thank you for all the delicious healthy recipes you share – you make nutritious eating simple and non-intimidating. I love your message and holistic focus. Still waiting on your cookbook, too! ;)

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment Catherine! <3 And it's great to know there's someone looking forward to more of my recipes :))

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