Raw Mango Cheesecake (A Baby-Friendly Version!)

Raw Mango Cheesecake (A Baby-Friendly Version!)

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Spring is here! Even though it’s been raining and snowing this week, I am very stubbornly telling myself that pretty soon it will be summer. And we get to be outside! And eat all the berries. And tan. I’m so looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and getting some color, as it’s getting really easy to mistake me for a ghost. I usually find myself feeling exhausted around this time of the year and now with all the added sleep deprivation, I’ve been taking it really easy. One of my go-to tricks to make me feel good has been to enjoy a piece of cake + a cup of green tea under a comfy blanket while my baby naps. Heaven.

It’s been a while I’ve made a raw cake but I had an idea for a mango flavored cheesecake, so this is what I came up with! A really fresh, yet so creamy combination of spring flavors. This cake is also low in sugar, as my little fella wanted to have a piece as well, so this is kind of a crowdpleaser as well. Instead of honey or maple syrup, the cake gets its sweetness from juicy mangos, which have a wonderful natural sweet flavor.

Raw Mango Cheesecake | tuulia blog

Along with this cake and post I get to start my collaboration with Foodin and it’s something that I’m super excited about! After having my boy and becoming a stay at home / working mom, we’ve been shopping food, baby supplies, clothes, and other everyday essentials mostly online, as it just makes life so much easier.It’s like the best life hack I’ve learned so far. So you can bet that I’ve ordered a lot of different nutsgluten-free flours, spices, and a variety of seed and nut butters from Foodin’s web shop this past year. They have so many great products, but I think their medjool dates filled with the super creamy cashew butter have been saving my sanity countless times. Life hack #2!

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Foodin is a Finnish family-owned company that has about 250 different food products and they’re all gluten-free (yay!), and most of them are vegan and organic too. I honestly think their products have a great quality and their reasonably priced too, which makes this mama happy (I get to splurge on those nut butters yay). I like to order a big batch of things at once, so that it’s easy to start baking, making snacks, and eat healthy during the busy days and weeks. I also think that I bake more and make healthy snacks more often when I’ve got my cupboards filled with healthy ingredients, so thanks to all the flour and flakes I’ve got, we eat a ton of pancakes and muffins :)

Raw Mango Cheesecake | tuulia blog

A couple notes about the cake! The crust is made of walnuts and dates (a classic combo!), and the filling is made with soaked cashews, juicy mango, and lemon. You can add honey or other sweetener to the filling if you feel like it, but if you’ve got super juicy mangos, their sweetness will most likely be enough. If you’re making this for kids and feel like the amount of nuts is too much, you could replace the crust with this nut-free version. Feel free to decorate the cake with fresh fruits and berries just the way you like, but it’s better to be a maximalist in it, as the kiddos love all the fancy things on top the cake :)

I’ve linked all the ingredients that you can find from Foodin on the recipe below, so you can easily order any of the things you’re missing. Yesssss for easy life. xo’s!

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Raw Mango Cheesecake

notes: the cake gets all its sweetness from the mango, so pay some extra attention on choosing your mango. if you’re using fresh mango, be sure to pick the soft and ripe ones that are really sweet. I used thawed mango chunks from the freezer and they work well too! I always use frozen mango chunks by Pirkka, as their flavor is great and they have enough natural sweetness.

8-inch / 20 cm springform cake pan

1 1/2 cup | 375 ml walnuts (or pecans / almonds)
1 tsp ceylon cinnamon
a tiny pinch of salt
4 to 6 medjool dates, pitted

1 2/3 cup | 400 ml cashews
1/3 cup | 75 ml lemon juice (1 to 2 lemons)
2 tsp organic lemon zest, grated
1 cup | 300 g mango
3 tbsp coconut oil
1/4 tsp vanilla powder (or bourbon vanilla powder)
(1 to3 tbsp honey, if needed)

fresh berries and edible flowers, for decoration


1. Place the cashews in a big bowl, cover with water and soak overnight, or for at least 4 hours before making the cake.

2. Start by preparing the crust. Add walnuts, cinnamon and salt into a blender or a food processor and grind until fine crumble. Cut the dates into smaller pieces and add in couple turns. Blend until you get a sticky dough. Line the bottom of a cake tin with baking paper and press the dough to the bottom of the cake tin. Place it in the freezer while making the filling.

3. Rinse the blender. Drain and rinse the cashews and add them to the blender. Add all other ingredients and blend for a few minutes, until you get a creamy and smooth texture. Taste, and add some honey, if you’d like to add some sweetness.

4. Take the cake tin from the freezer and pour the filling on top of the crust. Return to the freezer for 4 to 6 hours until the filling has set.

5. When the filling has set, take the cake from the freezer and remove the sides of the cake tin carefully. Decorate with the fresh berries and edible flowers and let thaw for 15-20 minutes before serving. The cake will remain good in the fridge for a couple of days, for longer periods, store in the freezer.

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