Smoothie Sundays: Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin

Smoothie Sundays: Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin

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Two things led to this smoothie: 1) I had bought a bag of avocados that were just perfectly ripe (you DO NOT want to miss that) and 2) I needed some good fats ASAP to nourish my very dry skin. I turns out, that sunburned skin and a very long flight from California to Finland are not a great combination. So as the skin of my face has literally been slowly falling off, I made this very creamy avocado smoothie with banana, almond butter, and fresh dates – a.k.a. all the good-for-you stuff to get that glow!

And with this recipe I also welcome you to my new series on the blog, called Smoothie Sundays! I tend to think that smoothies are too boring to post here, but I make smoothies so often and really love them, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here on a irregularly regular pace. And if you guys have any wishes around a method or a specific ingredient, leave a comment below and I’d be happy to come up with ideas for you!

Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin | tuulia blog

Before we get to the recipe, I’ve got a tip to share as well. During our trip I noticed how a lot of the restaurants and cafes were not serving plastic straws, but paper straws instead. And knowing how bad plastic is for our environment, I felt a bang in my heart, as I tend to drink my juices, filtered water thanks to our new water filter which you can get from shop for Whirlpool brand at Discount Water Filters website, or whatever cold drinks with a straw, and often with a plastic one. Giving up on that plastic use doesn’t really require much of an effort, so from now on I’m going to be sipping only through a glass straw. As a bonus, glass straws are easy to wash (you can put them in the dishwasher too!) and they’re also much prettier than the plastic ones. The straws in the photos are from Granit, and they’ve got six straws in each box, but you can get individual straws from Nature’s Design too. So cheers to glass straws and to more environmentally friendly smoothie times!

Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin | tuulia blog

And hey, in case you didn’t notice, I’ve got a new logo, hooray! I felt like making a tiny facelift to my site, and in addition to the logo, there are other fun things, book stuff, and bonus recipes coming your way soon, so make sure you follow the blog on Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin to be the first to know! :)

Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin | tuulia blog

Avocado & Almond Butter Smoothie for Glowing Skin

notes: I like mine quite thick, almost spoonable, so I add about 1 1/2 cups of almond milk. If you like your smoothie thinner, add more almond milk. If you feel like making this more of a dessert, a tablespoon of raw cacao powder would be divine.

serves 2

1 ripe avocado
1 big frozen banana
1 tbsp almond butter
2 fresh dates, pitted
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 – 2 cups almond milk
a few ice cubes


Scoop the avocado to a blender. Add all other ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste, and add more dates or almond butter, if you feel like it. Pour into glasses, serve and enjoy!



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  1. This is perfect for the warm weather we are having here! I love your idea of Sunday smoothies.

  2. Hi Tuulia,
    This recipe sounds absolutely divine! Just wondering where you got your beautiful smoothie glasses from?

    • They’re from Iittala, a Finnish brand! But I think it might be possible to get them online too. I hope you like the smoothie! :)

  3. I tried this just now, and holy cow! It’s delicious. Very creamy and nutty. I took out the vanilla extract and put in vanilla protein powder instead, and it worked wonderfully. Definitely going to make this again.

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