3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbread

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbread

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3 ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbreads3 ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbreads

I’ve never really had a motto or any specific quote, that I’d repeat to myself through life. Or maybe I decided on something at some point, but forgot about it. However, during the last few months there’s been this one sentence I picked up from Pinterest that keeps making sence to me:

“Do less with more focus.”

For long, I’ve thought that the more I do and the busier I am, the better I do in life and in my work. But nope, it doesn’t work like that. Time after time I learn that doing too many things (at a time) will only lead to catastrophes. To broken dishes, unfinished work tasks and to me not at my best.

So it’s been a bit of a chaos in here for the last few months, as I’ve been learning this working-for-myself lifestyle. When there aren’t that many routines and schedules, you’re not always sure whether it’s a workday or the weekend, what to focus on and what’s enough. It’s not all work-related though. The feeling of chaos comes also from messy closets and cupboards, and from the fact, that I really should see my hairdresser. So now I’m all for an early spring cleaning, pampering myself with some treatments, and simple, fresh and nourishing foods. And also, I’m definitely all for doing only one thing at a time, which makes life so much more enjoyable than the never-ending multitasking.

3 ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbreads

Doing less with more focus applies to my cookings now too and especially to today’s recipe. I’m a big fan of all kinds of flatbreads, that can be made in minutes. If I have a craving for some bread and I don’t have any at hand, I usually make some kind of ‘pan bread’: I add an egg, rolled oats or other flour, a bit of olive oil and salt into a blender and fry it on a pan. The end result is a bit like a pancake, but thicker, and it resembles bread enough to fool my brain.

But in addition to those pan breads, I love flatbreads, as they don’t require that much work than a loaf of bread. Potato and oat flatbreads are really typical Finnish foods and they’re delicious, but my favorite version is made with sweet potato. And this version of mine requires only three main ingredients: sweet potato, egg (or ground flaxseed for a vegan version) and oat flour. I added a bit of salt and baking powder too, but the recipe is super simple. If you have any leftover oven roasted sweet potatoes, go ahead and use them (I do it often) or then just boil/steam the sweet potato. And if you’re up to another experiment, try these with carrot instead of the sweet potato. The carrot version is delicious too.

Eat well and take it easy! xx

3 ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbreads

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbread

makes 8-10 flatbreads

notes: you can make your own oat flour by grinding rolled oats into fine flour in a blender. I always make a big batch of it so it’s easy to use in all kind of gluten-free baking. 

1 cup mashed sweet potato (about 1/2 sweet potato peeled, boiled/steamed and mashed)
1 organic egg (or 1 tbsp ground flaxseed + 3 tbsp water)
1 1/4 cups gluten-free oat flour + 1/4 cup for baking
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking powder


Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a big bowl, mix the mashed sweet potato with the egg. Add flour, salt and baking powder and mix well. The dough can be a bit sticky, but it should be easy to handle. Add a bit more flour, if needed. Scoop 8-10 balls with a spoon and place on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. With the help of some flour, pat and flatten the dough into thin rounds with your hands. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, until the flatbreads are slightly golden brown. Serve while warm and enjoy!



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  1. Hi Tuulia,What a beautiful post and I love your photography and styling. I have the same style of bowls at home. So glad I found you via” the First Mess”!

    • Thank you so much Nina! And same back at you, I truly love your style and your recipes, they’re so creative! Happy you found your way here xx

  2. Just found your blog. Congratulations, It’s beautifully designed and has great recipes.

  3. I just started eating sweet potatoes and I’m so happy I came across your blog! The only way I know how to eat it is boiled or fried. I can’t wait to try out this recipe.

    • Welcome to my little space! Hope you like the recipe, these are one of my favorites because they’re so easy to make. Enjoy the flatbreads! :)