Raw Mint Chocolate Truffles

Raw Mint Chocolate Truffles

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raw mint chocolate truffels

Almost daily I find myself scrolling through the endless stream of delicious food pics on Instagram and Pinterest and take a screenshot or save them to different folders. I plan to make some of them later for myself, my friends, a party that’s coming up or next summer when it’s warm enough for all that ice cream. In the end, only a really small part of those recipes actually happen in my kitchen. At least according to the actual recipe. However, sometimes it’s so nice to enjoy the flavors and experience created by someone else and follow instructions while cooking. That’s why I love cookbooks. Even though the internet is full of delicious recipes, an actual book always has it’s own vibes. Sometimes the vibe is so good, that you find yourself compulsively leafing through the pages and dreaming about the food. That kind of behaviour might have happened here during the last few weeks, ever since I got a copy from the Kiitos hyvää Cookbook.

The book is in Finnish but you might know the blog Vanelja, that’s written by the same gorgeous lady. I got to know Virpi last year but I had been reading her previous blog for many years before that. Her book came out a couple of months ago and it’s been a huge hit in Finland and it’s easy to understand its popularity. The book is simple and really pretty and the recipes are versatile. There are all kinds of chocolate treats, cakes, ice cream and candy. All of the recipes are gluten-free and refined sugar-free and a lot of them are raw too. So everything’s that kind of a feel good food, that I love. Treats that make you feel good while and after eating them.

raw mint chocolate truffelsraw mint chocolate truffels raw mint chocolate truffels

First I thought that I’d try one of the cakes in the book. But then I changed my mind. I wanted candy. Oh no, cookies instead. Or muffins! There were so many delicious options to choose from that for a moment I was lost. But then I spotted the recipe for raw mint chocolate truffles and instantly knew I had to make them. The combination of mint and chocolate is one of my all time favorites and these truffles lived up to my expectations perfectly.

Even though food and cooking are a big part of my life, I appreciate simple and quick recipes – especially if we’re talking about treats. When that craving for something sweet hits, I don’t have the patience to make something that takes hours. So these raw truffles were perfect for me, as the recipe was simple and they were really easy to prepare. And they were pretty easy to eat too, but with a clear conscience and a happy mind. And that’s the way I ike to eat my treats :)

raw mint chocolate truffels

Raw Mint Chocolate Truffles

adapted from Kiitos Hyvää cookbook

makes 8-10 truffels


200 ml macadamia nuts
2 tbsp organic local honey
8 mint leaves
1/2 tbsp raw cacao nibs (I used shredded coconut)

Chocolate coating

50 ml cacao butter
2 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
5 tbsp raw cacao powder
3 tbsp organic local honey
1 tsp peppermint oil
a pinch of sea salt


1. Place the nuts into a blender or a food processor and grind to a small crumble. Add the honey and chopped mint leaves. Blend until you have a smooth mass. Spoon the mixture into a bowl and add raw caco nibs (or shredded coconut). Make small balls from the dough with your hands and place them to the freezer for about 15 minutes. In the meantime prepare the chocolate coating.

2. Melt the cacao butter, coconut oil and honey in a small pan on low heat. Transfer into a bowl. Transfer into a bowl, add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Cover a plate or a tray that fits to your freezer with a baking paper. Take the balls from the freezer and with the help of a fork, dip the balls to the chocolate so that they’re covered eavenly. Coat all the balls with chocolate and then put them back into the freezer. Freeze for about half an hour. Serve and enjoy. Store the remaining truffles (if there are some) in the fridge.


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