The Inner Glow Juice w/ Sweet Potato, Carrot & Mandarins

The Inner Glow Juice w/ Sweet Potato, Carrot & Mandarins

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I know that I tend to say the same things over and over, but I’ve been in the mood for all things orange lately. Meaning orange-colored foods. So this week I’ve been enjoying plenty of mandarins, sea buckthorn, carrots, and sweet potatoes. In addition to eating a shameless amount of sweet potato fries (it’s just so hard to stop once you start), I’ve been juicing my sweet potatoes too! Just like carrots, sweet potatoes can be juiced too and they bring a soft flavor, a super nice ‘thickness’, and some veggie power to the juice. Plus the color is just really pretty and pretty food just makes me happy.

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Mandarin & Ginger Juice | tuulia blog

There hasn’t been that many recipes coming up from me during the last six months, since honestly I’ve been busy craving bread…juice…potatoes…pancakes…and every now and then some decent food. You see, instead of cooking, I’ve been growing this tiny little bump for the past 28 weeks :)

27 weeks pregnant | tuulia blog

Being pregnant has been wonderful and so, so exciting, but naturally there has been a share of those not-so-wonderful days and moments with nausea and fatigue. Which I believe a lot of us mom-to-bes seem to have in this stage of life (sending some cheerful hugs to your way, sisters!). So I’ve been pretty focused on eating some feel-good foods and taking naps instead of cooking, or being creative in the kitchen. But after spending a week in the sunshine, I now feel like a whole new person! Having that amount of sunshine makes you wonders, believe me (I’m a true summer lover). I finally feel like I’ve got some energy to make things happen and getting active in the kitchen is definitely on my list. So be prepared for new recipes! I think there’s pancakes coming up at least. And some other breakfast recipes too, since I’ve noticed that breakfast is a great dinner too. At least when you’re preggo. Or just wiped out.

But let’s start with this juice that I made to get rid of a tiny flu bug hanging around, and to bring some *inner glow* to my being. I also desperately thought that juicing these bright orange-colored vegetables with tons of betacarotene would help me to keep this light tan I managed to get while away (ahh the sunshine!). Let’s see how things turn out!

And hey! If you’re in need of some sweet potato inspiration, here are a few of my favorite things involving sweet potatoes:

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Flatbreads
Super Veggie Pizza w/ Sweet Potato Crust
Sweet Potato Toasts w/ Avocado Pea Mash, Feta & Eggs
Oven baked Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato, Carrot & Lentil Stew

Sending you good vibes for the new week! ♡

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Mandarin & Ginger Juice | tuulia blogSweet Potato, Carrot, Mandarin & Ginger Juice | tuulia blog

The Inner Glow Juice with Sweet Potato, Carrot & Mandarins

notes: taking ginger supplements is not usually advised while pregnant, and I’ve been using only small pieces of fresh ginger if I’ve been feeling sick or really nauseous. but you can feel the ginger out in case it’s not your thing :)

makes about 3 1/2 cups

2 small sweet potatoes
3 carrots
3 (organic) apples
4 mandarin oranges
a small piece of fresh ginger


Peel the sweet potatoes and carrots and cut them into small cubes. Rinse the apples and peel the mandarins and ginger. Cut the fruit into smaller pieces as well. Juice all the ingredients, pour into to glasses, and enjoy! The juice can be stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.






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  1. Awe! This is the most magical post! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful news! You look incredibly beautiful and yes, glowing! Sending you many hugs and prayers for a healthy, joyful pregnancy! Much love! <3

  2. I did not know it was possible to juice sweet potatoes! Amazing! And a big HOORAY and CONGRATS on growing your own little sweet potato! :) I’m so glad I discovered your blog, and I wish you great peace and happiness in these last few weeks! Xoxo

    • Thanks so much Yuri! <3 And I'm happy you found your way here, I hope you enjoy my posts! xx

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